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Doing SEO The Right Way

We believe in doing SEO the right way for long term results. Your SEO strategy should never be a trick or short cut to beat the system. It should be a sustainable long-term effort, using strategies that the Search Engines are looking for. Using tricks in order to fit Google’s algorithm only works for a short time and eventually catches up to you with a negative result.

Google’s mission is to organize content and information and make it globally accessible and useful to the public.

Google wants to give their users the best result possible for a specific keyword. If you want to rank for a particular keyword, this requires detailed and intentional work to elevate your sites ranking over your competitors. It cannot be done by copying content from another website or doing short cuts your friend has done. There are many requirements by Google that are constantly changing. This means maintaining a focus on technical excellence, a good user experience, flawless website security, and unique quality content for your visitor. Interlinked focuses on all the aspects of website optimization in order to get the best result possible.

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We Improve Your Marketing And SEO

Our main mission is to improve your website rankings and grow your business. By using our services you can expect noticable, tangible results that will translate to sales.

Google Rankings And Optimization

Organic ranking on Google takes time and requires special techniques to get results. Your website must be optimized on-site and off-site to make sure you’ll have a long-term ranking.

Content Marketing For Organic Traffic

Content is king. We’ll create custom unique content for your website and off-site locations that will generate traffic organically and build your reputation on the internet.

Location Targeting

Interlinked Media & Marketing creates ads that target by city, region, or state in order to reach customers most likely to purchase your products.

Affinity Audience

The Interlinked team creates ads that reach people based on interests. If you’re selling athletic gear, our SEO service will create ads that target users interested in athletics.

Device Targeting

Your customers are using their mobile devices. Interlinked creates ads specifically for mobile, tablets and desktops.

Audience Targeting

Remarketing advertising is one of the most effective ways to increase sales. We use cookies and retargeting applications to show your ads to people who have already visited your website and reengage them.

Language Targeting

Do your customers live in another country? Language targeting allows your ads to reach customers based off which language setting they have on Google.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting allows Interlinked to reach customers based off search terms related to your industry. Our team will create ads that target relevant keywords for your business.


Our SEO Plans Are Comprehensive

  • Scan your website with specialized tools to locate and find potential issues that would cause rankings to be penalized by Google and other search engines.

  • Site Title Tags, Meta Tag Descriptions corrections to rank each page with unique keyword phrases, using requirements directed by Google.

  • Keyword Research-analyzing the keyword phrases relevant to your website that will generate the most number of hits for your product or services.

  • Insert Image Alt Tags, and Image Title captions to rank with content.

  • Design Robots.txt for search engines to crawl your site.

  • Google xml site map creation and site navigation optimization for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

  • Optimization of the HTML code in your site including image and hyperlinks.

  • Website content re-writing to match optimization efforts of selected meta tags.

  • Your site compared with competitors of similar products or services on the web to see how you stack up in the ranks of search engines.

  • Search Engine submission to up to 100+ search engines on the internet.

  • Quality Linkback Building & setup Business Listings development on related directories and other social media sites including Bing Business listing, Google+ Business, Yelp Business, etc.

  • Installation of analytics and Webmaster tool on your web pages and receive monthly statistic reports and monitor website for problems that affect ranking.

Our Flexible Pricing Packages

Choose the perfect package for your business with our flexible pricing packages that are suitable for anything from small business to a multinational corporation.